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Kensington Gazebos: 4 Video Package

This 4 video package was so much fun to shoot. Kensington Gazebos creates stunning hand assembled gazebos. We flew to Turlock California and filmed for 4 days to create this video package.

The first video that we produced was the "Craftsmanship" video. The purpose of this video is to show the viewer the amazing quality of the product and it's installers.

The second video we produced was a "Installation" video where we followed the installation of a gazebo room in order to show the viewer what they can expect from a typical installation.

The next video we produced was a "Backyard Party" where we filmed an actual customer throwing an outdoor party in their newly installed gazebo. This was a challenging shoot because it began to rain on us halfway through the shoot. Luckily, we have tons of experience and were equipped and we were able to still pull off an amazing and effective video.

The final video is one I believe every business needs, a "Meet The team" video. This video introduces us to the owners, installers and workers at Kensington Gazebos. I believe the more personal connection you can make with your customer the more likely they will be to purchase and re-purchase.

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