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PR Plumbing - Behind The Scenes For "Quite Cool"

I'm often asked on and off set how "it's" done, and every time's so hard to answer because it's a truly loaded question. Every video is different, but this particular shoot for our awesome and fun client Pr Plumbing included tons of pre-production, set construction, casting, prop scouting and more. The 1 day production required 5 crew members, 4 cast members, makeup, props, fake sweat, boom operator, feeding everyone, on site set construction and much more. Editing the project took the following 2 weeks and was edited by 3 different editors. So, that's a mouthful. But the reality is that it's so much more than that- it's actually chaotic, fun, crazy, stressful, exhausting and super rewarding all at the same time. But how could we explain that? What better way than for us to show you! So, here is the first of many 'Behind The Scenes' to come. Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy seeing what goes into video production at Isaac Aaron Media.

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