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Camping World - Charleston SC

Charleston is an amazing place. The history is rich and the streets are bright and beautiful, making it an ideal location to film. We were so excited when our client, Camping World, wanted us to shoot a 4 day travel destination series for different tourist destinations across the USA, beginning in Charleston.

Logistics are always a big job. It took about 2 weeks to secure locations, insurance, cast, etc. We brought 3 crew members; 1 videographer, 1 sound technician and a producer (me!) We decided to purchase some new equipment for this shoot including a hand held stabilizer which made our shots smooth and beautiful. It's super important in video production to constantly be upgrading equipment to stay on top of trends. It's our job to brand businesses, and nothing does it stronger than video, so it's super important to have the latest in video equipment and editing software.

The first video below was shot at Edisto State Beach . Despite half of the beach closed due to repairs, the landscape was stunning and looked gorgeous!

The next video below was shot at the Mt. Pleasant KOA ...which is awesome! The campers sit right on a lake (that is said to have an alligator). As you can see from the video, it's a great place to vacation with a camper.

While filming in Charleston we also got to film at the famous Magnolia Plantation

seen in the video below. The ground are so beautiful at this historical landmark in Charleston. Between the gardens, alligator tours, museums and more it's hard to pick my favorite thing!!

Our last and final stop was downtown Charleston. What better job than get to film a family on vacation!! Historical Charleston is amazingly beautiful with bright colored homes and cobblestone roads, you truly do step back in time. Our family got to take a carriage tour though the city with Palmetto Carriage , a boat ride out on Charleston Harbor Tours and other historical sites around town!!

This was a great opportunity to produce some amazing video content for Camping World, plus it was really, REALLY fun!! Follow our blog to read more stories and watch more of our video productions!!

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